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—  Training  —

A brief exploration of what training I currently provide, and what to expect from my tutorials


I am a tutor at Banbury Counselling Academy, and an Associate Lecturer at University of Northampton.

I teach CPCAB Level 2, which is a crucial foundation course in Counselling training, as I believe this initial work sets the tone for your individual self-awareness and practice for the future. This course can be tough, as many have not looked into their subconscious in this amount of depth before. Due to this, I ensure I provide a safe space for self-exploration, and emotionally hold students with patience and kindness. Sessions can be heavy, and so I provide some light relief with humour, and insightful examples from working in the field.

I am a trained group facilitator, and lead Level 4 Diploma Group Process. Group process can again be a very intense and difficult experience of self-awareness. The intensity of the group tends to situate members in a vulnerable state which can bring back sub-conscious behavioural patterns from the past - most likely is the family dynamic. Due to this, I hold the group emotionally, while encouraging challenge of particular behaviours, and highlighting any patterns I notice.

Together with the above, I also lecture at University of Northampton. I construct and present lectures when required for the Psychology & Counselling Undergraduate course, but mainly work on Msc Counselling teaching counselling skills, and presenting lectures when required. I feel my strength in this role is explaining complex concepts in an understandable way; the world of psychology and counselling can sometimes be an overwhelming one. I feel I bring a calm and open demeanour to students who are often quite tired and emotional, and hope to be that safety net they need, whilst bringing enough challenge to their work to encourage insightful exploration of self and practice.

I like to promote a normality of myself - minus ego, minus agenda. I am approachable and honest, and like to think I am passing on these qualities to the next generation of counsellors and psychotherapists.